Dirtbag Baseball Exhibition Weekend 2006

Ah, baseball again. Even if it's only a bunch of former college players, even if it's an exhibition game between college-turned-pro guys and the current crop of Cal State Long Beach kids, it's still a better way to spend an afternoon than almost anything I can think of. Welcome back, baseball.

  01_alumni_pitcher 02_alumni_pitcher_2 03_alumni_pitcher_3 04_alumni_pitcher_4 05_a_swing_and_a_miss  

  06_dirt_talking_to_bag 07_alumni_pitcher_5 08_dugout_hangout 09_alumni_pitcher_6 10_outfield_oops  

  11_dirtbags 12_a_beautiful_day_at_blair_field 13_draftees_fan_colors 14_lineup_exchange 15_her_first_baseball_cap  

  16_weaver_laughs 17_vance_worley 18_cesar_ramos 19_jason_vargas 20_steve_hammond  

  21_bobby_crosby 22_bobby_crosby 23_abe_alvarez 24_jered_weaver 25_jered_weaver  

  26_jered_weaver 27_jered_weaver 28_jered_weaver 29_jered_weaver 30_second_baseman_weaver  

  31_weaver_gets_3_flyball_outs 32_weaver_at_the_plate  

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