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Music links:

Harmony Central
- Musicians with gear questions should look here. Reviews, tons of links, news. Updated daily.
Pro Audio Marketplace
- A monthly resource for selling and buying used gear. Subscription based. I highly recommend it.
Mark of the Unicorn - These guys put out my software of choice for music sequencing, Digital Perfomer, some of my hardware, and a
whole lot more. Also, a web site that's done really well. Fast, informative, and intuitive.
Motu-Mac - Unicornation. An unofficial, but helpful site for and by users of Mark of the Unicorn software.
The Horn Players Resource Pages - 'Cause I grew up playing the french horn, and I've never seen it listed elsewhere.

Here are some helpful film music links:

The Society of Composers and Lyricists
- Good group to join if you're a composer or lyricist. They also have a wonderful internship program that I highly recommend.
ASCAP - The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. A performing rights organization, which means these are some of the folks who collect and distribute royalties for music in film and TV.
- Broadcast Music Incorporated, another performing rights organization.
- Yet another performing rights organization, just this one won't tell you what its acronym means.
AFM/RMA Wage Scale Summaries
- Wanna know how much that AFofM orchestra will cost ya? Get out your calculator, 'cause the info's all here.

And a few film links:

IFP West -
Independent Feature Project West. Need to meet people involved with independant film? Here's the place.
Women In Film
- The name says it.
The Internet Movie DataBase THE internet reference for who did what film with whom and when.
The Hollywood Reporter
- News, news, news.

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