Double Dog Music
Music for Film and Television

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Feature films
The Marriage of Charlie Johnson
The Foot Man

Television Shows
Modern Marvels (A&E, additional music)
Biography (A&E, additional music)

The Joe Schmo Show (Spike TV, additional music)
Adoption Tales (Animal Planet, additional music)
That's My Baby (Animal Planet, additional music)
Pet Story (Animal Planet, additional music)
The Rob Nelson Show (FOX, additional music)
Living Large (hosted by Kadeem Harrison, additional music)
Beach Eats (Food Network, additional music)
Living Out of Bounds (additional music)
Saving the Endangered Species (original score)

Right Lies
This is Not a Pipe Dream
Puss 'n Boots
Androcles and the Lion

Short Films
(original score)
Three Little Words
Slightly Thicker Than Water
Seeking Salvation
Shell Game
Passion Fruit
Father Xmas
There's Somethin' About Chad
Break A Leg
Time Bomb
Sunrise Over San Jacinto
Article XXI

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