Luxe Life: Dodgers Luxury Suites, 2006-05-21

Have you ever wanted to do something crazy, just for one day? I did, so we rented a suite at Dodger Stadium, and yeah, we had a blast. We invited a mess of friends and family, some of whom are bloggers; here's a slide show of our experience Sunday.

  01_suite_view 02_suite_fridge 03_suite_furnishings 04_newcombes_100th_victory 05_co_mvps_guerrero_yeager_cey  

  06_podres_mobbed 07_field_view 08_seats 09_jason_bulger 10_maicer_izturis  

  11_hallway 12_lounge 13_vin_scully_press_box 14_rear_hallway 15_black_and_weaver  

  16_garret_anderson 17_lasorda_and_mccourt 18_frank_and_jamie_mccourt 19_derek_lowe 20_ervin_santana  

  21_donnelly_works_out 22_carrasco_yan_romero 23_shields_swings 24_dessert_cart 25_lights_at_a_day_game  


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